Seven Reasons You Need to Have a Cryptocurrency

In modern times, with the quick advancement of technology our mainstream modes of various types of interactions have changed drastically. One such interaction is monetary and has become quite popular is cryptocurrency. There are a few to choose from, but no matter which you choose - it has changed how people can handle their money and monetary transactions. It is especially gaining attention amongst activists and politicians around the globe.  

  1. Non-Discriminatory Transactions
    This is because cryptocurrency is a purely democratic method meaning that it does not discriminate between any castes, religion, gender, sexual orientation, colour or financial standing.
  2. No Government or Institutional Restrictions
    It is an economic system where no government entity can control any individual or keep an eye over them. Banking systems and legal documents don't stand in their ways any longer as all they need is a mobile and an internet connection to have an account of cryptocurrency.
  3. Anonymous Transactions
    Activists are more often than not marginalized and persecuted for the causes they stand for and are often restricted or monitored socially, physically and economically. With cryptocurrency, anyone can keep their identities anonymous and therefore their transactions discrete as well.
  4. Easy International Trade
    They do not need to be limited by any country laws and can still buy or sell stuff overseas without any fuss. 
    Cryptocurrency allows them to have links across borders to generate donations or funds for their causes.
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